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Pain and Muscle | April 14, 2021

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Whey protein benefits

Whey protein benefits

The Whey protein provides the body with amino acids that it will use in building muscle tissue.

If we compare it with other types of protein, the whey is one that represents the ideal combination of essential amino acids in muscle development.
Supplementation with whey protein increases the cellular and hormonal responses in the body, for optimal muscle growth. Furthermore, the whey protein performs the function of antioxidant, helping thus to strengthen the immune system.

However, its most important asset for all fitness enthusiasts will undoubtedly be its ability to support and reinforce muscle development, promoting muscle repair caused by training. In general, all the followers of bodybuilding know the importance of supplementation with whey.

List of Whey protein benefits

The benefits of a high-quality whey protein supplement range from purely aesthetic to health preserving.
Here’s a small list of 10 benefits that have been associated with whey protein supplementation:

- Weight Loss
- Decreased recovery time and symptoms of over-training
- Assists in increasing in muscle mass
- Increase in power in sports
- Increase in glutathione levels (your body’s main water-based anti-oxidant)
- Decrease in triglycerides
- Assist in cancer treatment
- Decrease in total cholesterol while increasing HDL (good cholesterol)
- Increase in immune system function
- Decrease in HIV symptoms

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