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Pain and Muscle | August 14, 2020

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Soy Protein: is it good for bodybuilders

Soy Protein: is it good for bodybuilders

Soy protein (in the form of concentrate or isolate) are a very good source of vegetable protein. It is a complete protein, which can be very useful in the fight against catabolism and improve recovery to the vegetarian.

Soy protein often get bad press and are generally rarely used by practitioners of bodybuilding.

Yet they are the best source of vegetable protein, and are complete proteins, as well as proteins of meat or milk. On the other hand, it is true that they have a slightly lower biological value, which means they are a little less well used by the muscles so a little less effective in stimulating muscle growth. But they have other properties.

Soya proteins have an antioxidant activity, as well as an anti-catabolic role, they can therefore combat free radicals due to stress or training and thus facilitate muscle recovery.

However, they also have a significant potential drawback: consumed in excess, they may reduce fertility and bringing down the rate of testosterone in a sensitive manner, which can reduce your body’s anabolic ability. It is therefore not proteins for use with too large doses, even if you’re a vegetarian, as a precautionary measure. In this case, it is clear that soy protein will be a significant asset to supplement your protein intake, but don’t make it your only source of protein.

One last negative point on this type of protein: as they apply to a narrower audience, it is more difficult to obtain good quality, they are often much more expensive than protein derived from milk.

So, unless to be vegetarian, you do not really have a reason to use soy protein.