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Pain and Muscle | March 4, 2021

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The pushups world record

The pushup world record

In October of 1980, Minoru Yoshida completed a whopping 10,507 continuous full push-ups!

Interestingly enough, Guinness World Records no longer record the most number of non-stop push-ups as a record. Since, they have changed it to the most number of push-ups within a 24 hour period. In this sense, it becomes more of a tactical approach for the athlete because they need to decide when they will take the breaks and how long for. In our minds however, the continuous pushup will always be the true indication of the ‘Push-up King’.

The actual details of Minoru Yoshida’s record-breaking continuous push-ups are fairly sketchy. It has been confirmed by Guinness World Records that it occurred, but the finer details are not revealed. It is also uncertain as to why Guinness decided to change the push-up measurement.

What constitutes an actual push-up?

  1. Palms must be at shoulder-width apart
  2. Body must remain straight at all times
  3. There may be no bending at knees or waist
  4. On lowering, the body must be parallel with the ground
  5. Upon rising, the elbows must be fully extended

Other interesting push-up records:

Most Pushups in 1 Year: 1,500,230 by Paddy Doyle (Great Britain) 1988-89
Most Pushups within 24 Hours: 46,001 by Charles Servizio (USA) April 1993
Most Pushups in 10 Minutes: 426 by Renata Hamplova (Czech) septembre 1995
Most One-armed Push-ups in 10 Minutes: 546 by Doug Pruden (Canada) July 2003

Feel free to comment how many push-ups you can do continuously. Generally, if you can do 75 continuous push-ups in correct form that is considered exceptional.