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Pain and Muscle | April 14, 2021

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How is protein powder produced?

How is protein powder produced?

Although many people think that protein powders are harmful, it is false. To try to convince you, we describe here the production of protein powder and you will see that there is nothing harmful to health.

Most people who do not know the definition of protein powder accuses the latter of many evils.
In fact, rumor says it is chemicals, which could be dangerous for your health in the long term, but these accusations are they really true? If you believe the studies that have been performed on these products, and the method of manufacture of proteins and raw materials for their production, it seems that these protein powders are much less harmful than what is might think.

It seems more healthy proteins

Indeed, we must first find out if they are not natural in the sense that they do not exist as such in nature, they are nevertheless from products that are. Eggs, soy, some peas, but especially milk. It is also the most common protein powder ingredient.

1- Milk
Whey protein is a derivative of milk. It is actually made up of whey and a protein called casein. In the first stage, the milk is pasteurized. In this process, the milk is heated to a high degree to kill and possible bacteria that can be harmful to humans.

2- Separation
The next process that takes place is the separation of the casein and the whey. Casein is also called the curds which is seen in cottage cheese. After the curds are removed to make cheese, the liquid whey portion is then sent through filters that separate it from lactose and other non-whey ingredients.

3- Purification
The whey then goes through a purification process. This process is called ion exchange. It is a procedure that is gentle and does not break down any of the nutritional value of the whey protein.

4- Finish
For the final step, the whey protein is sent into a drying tower where water is removed. It turns to powder and it is then packaged into containers and packets. It is then ready for consumption.


Thus, we realize that protein powders are much less sophisticated than what people think in general. By choosing well-known brands for quality, you have absolutely nothing is risk by consuming not more so, than drinking a few glasses of milk.