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Pain and Muscle | April 14, 2021

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What happens to excess protein in the body?

What happens to excess protein in the body?

The human body is unable to store an overflow of protein, and excess calories from protein source can lead to storing fat. A calorie is still a calorie: the protein consumed in excess will be converted into glucose and then fat. But this is very exceptional.

If an individual consumes more protein than his needs in proteins and calories, these will not be stored as protein. After the proteins have completed their work, the excess becomes a source of potential energy. And attention to the maximum dosage of protein to remain effective.

The fate of excess protein (protein or too many calories because of the quantity of the protein) may be a storage as glycogen. The human body preferably choose carbohydrate and fat intake for this function. But we can convert some amino in case of shortage of glucose, or too full of acidic proteins.

Operation of protein usage

In logic, the proteins are broken into smaller peptides and amino acids by the digestion . These elements pass into the blood and into the liver to be converted to the necessary body proteins. The surplus is maintained in the blood to be picked up by the cells that use them to make their own proteins.

But when there is overflow , these elements are removed through the feces and urine (so you spend money for nothing by eating too much protein ) .

Occasionally, the body ( through some organs like the liver or intestines ) , will be able to store the overflow in the form of sugar ( gluconeogenesis ) which will be used to produce energy . But that can happen only in extreme circumstances lack of glucose ( for dry / extreme example diet).excess protein

Thus , the fate of excess protein is mainly in the evacuation toilet bowl. You do not throw your money away , you put it in your toilet!

And fat?

We often talk about the fact that proteins can become fat if it’s too much … It is a way to present a process too simplistic. The excess protein will overuse organs (including the liver). Sugar and fat are less well treated, thus causing a fatal storage to your silhouette. This is an indirect consequence of a too full of protein. However proteins do not become fat directly.

Finally, also say that the meat is often rich in lipids, which leads to more and more calories fats potential.