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Pain and Muscle | April 14, 2021

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Knowing the macro nutrients, the principles for muscle growth and fat storage, or how to create a diet (a diet for body building) are all fundamental to sustainable progress in this sport.

To grow in strength and achieve the physique of your dreams, nutrition has a place at least as important as your training program.

Unfortunately, it is often neglected, and many bodybuilders think that just eating enough protein is enough to build muscle. As you will see, it is a bit more complicated than that.

To summarize, the main thing that will determine your progress in bodybuilding is primarily your total calories. Eat enough with enough protein and you will gain muscle along with fat, slight restriction combined with adequate protein intake will help weight loss while minimizing muscle wastage:
- You don’t gain weight? Is that you do not eat enough.
- You don’t lose weight? Is that you eat too much, or you have applied a bad regime that has put a strain on your hormones.

By following the above recommendations, which are certainly not always easy, because it asks a certain rigor like weighing food and counting calories, you can achieve your goals with patience and perseverance. So you will have to weigh your food, count your calories and your nutrients, but once you set your menus and you get used to it, it will be almost natural and your progress will be much easier.

And do not forget that the difference between a good and a very good level often comes from nutrition.

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