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Pain and Muscle | April 14, 2021

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Fish oil side effects and risks

Fish oil side effects and risks

So far fish oil has been presented as a kind of wonder supplement with positive effects on all sorts of diseases as well as overall health.

While fish oil health benefits are many and varied, there are some risks involved with increasing your fish oil intake which you need to be aware of:

1) Internal Bleeding: Excessively high doses of fish oil have also been linked to internal bleeding in some patients.

2) Bad Medical Combo: For starters, fish oil has been shown to clash with certain medications, leading to adverse reactions. If you’re already taking any medication – regardless of whether it’s related to the problem you’re trying to treat with fish oil – you need to discuss your diet with your doctor before you make any changes.

3) Beware of Toxins: Toxins in fish, as already mentioned, are another important factor whether you’re eating whole fish or taking a supplement. Some fish oil is processed to remove toxins, whereas other capsule products may have high levels or toxins such as PCB, which can cause skin conditions and may potentially elevate the risk of developing of cancer as well as accelerate the growth of some types of cancerous tumors.

4) Tipping Off the Balance of Other Nutrients: You also need to be careful about the actual source of the fish oil you take. For example, cod liver oil supplements, while high in omega-3, are also high in vitamin A. Too much vitamin A can bring with it a variety of new health problems.

If you’re taking a supplement, it’s important to consider what else is in the supplement besides omega-3 and what safe levels of those nutrients may be considering your condition. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t eat McDonald’s cheeseburgers every day to get your daily intake of protein, because you’d well exceed safe levels of saturated fat intake at the same time ;-)

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