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Pain and Muscle | July 12, 2020

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The pushup world record

Mar 7, 2014 |

In October of 1980, Minoru Yoshida completed a whopping 10,507 continuous full push-ups!

Interestingly enough, Guinness World Records no longer record the most number of non-stop push-ups as a record. Since, they have changed it to the most number of … Read More

Homemade Protein Meal Replacement Shake Recipe

Mar 6, 2014 |

Check out this simple homemade meal replacement shake recipe from Campbell Fitness.

Meal replacement shakes are a great way to get in calories. They can be extremely beneficial for those who consider themselves ectomorphs, or those who say they … Read More

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Feb 2, 2014 | | One Comment

From a professional wrestler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has proven to be a total entertainer in the movie scene. After his casting in “The Mummy Returns” last 2001, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became one of the favorites in the big … Read More

What happens to excess protein in the body?

Jan 17, 2014 |

The human body is unable to store an overflow of protein, and excess calories from protein source can lead to storing fat. A calorie is still a calorie: the protein consumed in excess will be converted into glucose and … Read More

How is protein powder produced?

Jan 7, 2014 |

Although many people think that protein powders are harmful, it is false. To try to convince you, we describe here the production of protein powder and you will see that there is nothing harmful to health.

Most people who … Read More

Dumbbell Bench Press

Dec 26, 2013 |

1- Lie down on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand resting on top of your thighs. The palms of your hands will be facing each other. 2- Then, using your thighs to help raise the dumbbells up, … Read More